Circle Club

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Circle Club

Your Circle Club!
Friday, February 16, 2007

Circle Club

Circle Club is a community of bloggers who enjoys what they do at the same time earning money. It gives members an opportunity to earn free money in the net through the help of other club members. Help is a cycle. In this club no one is left behind. You help others and you will also be helped.

Circle Club allows its members to ean free money Three (3) ways: Email me, Answer My Post, and Cycle of Help.

1. Email Me

Works by allowing members to promote their websites or blogsite's URL. Every member is sent a daily email (Except saturdays) containing another club member's site URL. In this way it is circulated to everyone giving free site views and potential income.

2. Answer My Post

Works by allowing members to answer and post "Help Ads" (Help advertisements: an advertisement that contains a need or problem that needs a solution or answer from others. It could be signing up on a program, answering a post in a discussion or even doing a simple research).

Every member who wants to post a help ad must first become a solver (One who solves or answers a help ad). After solving or answering a help ad he now qualifies to become a poster (One who post help ads).

When his ad is answered it is replaced by a new one and the old help ad is transfered to the "Solved Help Ads" page of our site together with its solution or answer for proof and reference.

To be able to post again he must solve or answer a help ad. Repeating the process and giving room for others to post their own help ad maximizing evey member's potential income.

3. Cycle of Help

Works by allowing members to ask help from their referrals. Every member must follow what their referrer would ask them to do. In return they also get a chance to ask help from their referrals. In this way members create a cycle of help.

How to join

Getting started is easy do these things:

1. Create Your own free blog

2. Apply for a free google adsense I.D.# or an adbrite account or any of the sites listed at the Ads Revenue Sites section at the side bar of this blog (no need to apply again if you already have one).

3.Last but not the least, fill up the first registration form at the circle sign-up page to be validated as a member.

Wait for the next instruction in your email.

(Our website is underconstruction so please be patient as we are improving our service to all of our members).

Go to:

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